Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MFW 1st Grade/PreK Weeks 12-13

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Bible: Memorize Pr 13:13, 30:5 Romania, Bulgaria
Books of the bible - 2 Chronicles to
Math: Measurement, graphing
Science: Planets, rainbow
Language: Creation Lesson, The Fall Lesson, phonics
Arts: Rosemaling, Norway art, paper doll, pine tree, 
The Planets in Our Solar System

How many stars in the sky
A Rainbow for me

How big is a foot
The best vacation ever
The Super Sandcastle Saturday

For Thanksgiving
Balloons over Broadway
P is for Pilgrims
Thanksgiving Is...
One is a feast for a mouse
Thanksgiving day at our house

We did many things about Norway with ECC


We continued on the Bible Reader and Notebook. The girls REALLY enjoyed it.

I found an interesting way to get really beautiful pictures for the notebook. Bought books from Barefoot once and they sent me a catalog, too pretty to throw. So I kept it

And they really do have some great pictures for our notebook!

Added the rainbow the next day.

Making magic stars

Notebook: A son for Abraham


This activity from the CBOM was very fun!

Measuring is great fun. Using string, using the ruler...

Sometimes tally marks can look very different in a kid's eyes: fish bones!

I made one of the inch worm game in CBOM into a file folder game

We didn't do a lot of Animal Patterns this year, just because Big Sis had done them a lot in the holidays. But thy like to make their own pictures. =)



Planets worksheets for the preK and 1st grade. 

Learning about Rainbows, so we did this rainbow, also incorporating measuring.


Rosemaling with ECC

Pine tree with ECC

Norway paper doll with ECC

And we did a lot of fun stuff for Thanksgiving

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