Monday, December 9, 2013

MFW ECC Wks 14-15: France

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Bible: Mt 9:37-38, 11:28, Albania, Gypsies, Advent
Christian Heros: Simons, Tyndale, George Muller
Geography: France (Europe), Vocab(sea cave, cave, river, rapids)
Math: Money
Language: The Fall Lesson, Spelling Power
Science: Adaptation, Balance in nature
Art: Drawing Eiffel Tower, Silhouette, Paper Doll, Eiffel Tower model
Books we read: 
Count your way through France
Flavor of France

Our centerpiece
Memorized Mt 9:37-38, 11:28

We started doing advent reading. This coloring page here is interesting for the kids to color one part every day until Christmas.
We're using this reading plan

We read about Simons, Tyndale and Muller.


oops, kid told me he colored the wrong color. =)

We made crepes!

And baguettes.

Memory Book

Revision in addition and money


We learnt about Eiffel Tower and how to draw it. This one is the Big Sis' drawing.

The silhouette drawing is wonderful!!

The Eiffel Tower model

Preschool with ECC

F for France and P for Paris

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