Monday, February 28, 2011

100 days of School

Yes! It really is a 100 days! We celebrated the day with: *100 cereal pieces for breakfast (you'll be surprised how little that is...hubby said it's a great learning...100 is less than we thought) *the 100 cake (2 8 inch cake, cut the middle to make the "1") and sang "Happy hundredth day of school" with candles *"100" grilled cheese sandwich and fruits for lunch *making something out of 100 lego *reading Psalms 100 *finishing up our 100 chart and 100 craft sticks *Watching the starfall "100th day in school" video *watching an "hundred"-acre wood video (Pooh Bear) I wished I thought of borrowing some books on the 100th day in school, but oh well, next year perhaps. It had been a WONDERFUL 100 days. I really really enjoyed learning with my son using My Father's World curriculum!

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