Thursday, May 5, 2011

V-Vegetable Plan

V-Vegetable Unit is great for us for our kids really need some "push" in eating vegetables! (though I recently found the magic's versatile and doesn't have a strong taste, so I can put in many dishes and the kids will gladly eat it).

Here is our plan:
*Teach about the food pyramid, emphasizing on Vegetables (they are GREAT in grains, fruits and dairy). Wonderful resources, posters, games, worksheets here
* from the site I printed off a "fruit and vegetable diary" and plan to do a charting at the end of the unit
*Vegetable printing (using okra, potato, carrots or other veg)
*We happen to have nice vegetable posters and reusable stickers that I put on the windows
*Vv tracing for the preschooler
*GREAT WONDERFUL Vegetable/garden videos on Sesame Street. Games too!
*Make Vegetable Soup
*Sprout carrots/beans

The ugly vegetable
How Groundhog's garden grew
Food for Thought
Rabbit Food
Mrs Spitzer's garden
The tale of Peter Rabbit
In the garden
Growing Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup

You make grass grow for the cattle
and plants for people to take care of.

That's how they get food from the earth
Psalms 104:14

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