Thursday, May 17, 2012

MFW 1st Grade Days 149 - End

Our last days were all battling with mommy's pregnancy illness as well as allergies.

But like before, we still do these every school day:
Read bible notebook

Memorize the bible verse
Write/draw Bible Notebook
Read aloud (we take turns)
Write a story/correct the story
Sometimes Chinese

And on one week we planted a kidney bean.


I wished we had ended better, but we do our best in the midst. Preparing for a baby in the family is part of "school" and learning. And I did feel that Ian had learnt quite a bit this year.
I feel that his reading has the most significant growth. He can read very independently now, even up to the Step 3 readers. He can write very well too, with an amazing penmanship. He can work on his spelling and diligence in Math (though he does well in Math for his level I think).

Well, we went to San Francisco after the school year and it was part of "school" too. He learnt so much about another part of US I think it's very worth it.
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