Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Week 2012

This year, we followed Adventures and read the different bible verses everyday, read the "Thanksgiving Story" everyday and we did some crafts. Easy stuff for the first three days of the week.

This was a really fun craft. Our 2nd grader didn't want to do the handprint, so he drew his own turkey
Oh, we do love this...but they are not fond of candy corn.
I LOVE this! They were SOOO creative in writing the things they are thankful for. There was one he depicted by drawing "I thank God we are not too rich and not too poor" (we had this conversation before and I'm so impressed he remembered)
The first thing the girl said "I thank God for beautiful flowers" aw...
Isn't this the funnest thing??!?!?! I saw it on fb (Plum Kids) and since I had the brown pear,GOTTA DO IT! =)
Indian games (they didn't like it)
Indian games
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