Saturday, March 23, 2013

MFW K: V-v Vegetable 2013, Adventures Week 27: Abraham Lincoln, MN, OR

Vegetable printing. This year I'm only using one. This will look so much nicer with celery, but it works with the little stems of youcai too.

We attempt to grow carrots...hasn't sprout yet
One way to use the print

And this week we were more conscious of the vegetables we eat at the table.

This is for Adventures. We found out that Abraham Lincoln is VERY VERY tall.

And we read quite a bit on him, for the boy really likes him. We also finished Plum Creek! Quite a feat!!!! Very proud of him. We did more Chinese this week too and also some ICDAT (Colored pencils)

And we'll be almost done with cursive. Next week he'll do "z" and we'll be done with lowercase.
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