Thursday, May 9, 2013

Graduation Kindergarten

Girl has graduated Kindergarten. (She is a year early because she's a January baby)
She has learnt SOOOOO much this year!

We went through My Fathers' World Kindergarten with her and she went through a year of fun alphabet unit study.

This year, the greatest achievement has got to be SHE LEARNT TO READ!

She completed this book AFTER the MFW materials were done.
Books Girl has read on her own.

She is reading almost at a first grade level (not quite) and definitely her Math is at the 1st grade level. She can do addition easily (up to 20) and some easy subtraction.
She knows numbers up to 100.

In addition, because of her brother, she learnt most of the states and even memorized the verses he was doing for the names of Jesus.

I'm very very proud of her. Because besides academic achievement, she has grown in her patience (she has always been the most patient), initiative in learning and responsibility. She takes good care of her sister AND baby sister and she is the BEST (I mean, BEST) playmate to her brother.

For the summer, I hope her to...
...start the time with God on her own (she should be able to read the majority of the devotional on her own) in the sun
...continue to be more disciplined in the piano lessons

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