Monday, May 5, 2014

MFW ECC Weeks 33-34: Antartica

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Bible: Samoa, Iceland
Christian Heros: 
Geography: Antarctica, Vocab(iceberg, crevasse, glacier, peninsula)
Math: multiplication, division
Language: Spelling Power, Chinese Bible Lessons 
Science:Antarctica, iceberg
Art: Penguin art
Books we read: 

Prayed for Samoa and Iceland


Watched some video of Antarctica and learnt about Arctic and Antarctic

The iceberg experiment (showing most of the ice in the water)


We did more lessons. Will compile all the lessons in the last blog of the year.

We did multiplication and division.Little boy is doing his multiplication up to 7 now.

The mosaic penguin

We did the handprint penguin/iceberg art and the little one wanted to do too. So we did.

This is a cute project!


This is the preschool "test" (for fun). Asking her to identify lower case and also to write all uppercase and numbers up to 20. Love those mirror images. I know they will correct eventually.

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