Monday, December 1, 2014

MFW CtG/K Week 12-13: D-Dinosaur, Ten Plagues

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

Ten Commandments:

I am the LORD your shall have no other gods before me.
You shall not make for yourself an idol.
You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Honor your father and your mother
You shall not murder
You shall not commit adultery
You shall not steal

We had two weeks break for family vacation and Thanksgiving. Prior to that we did two weeks of school that was kind of sporadic too.

  • Discussed and memorized the 7th and 8th commandment (we talked about stealing ideas, about being faithful to your spouses without going into deep details)
  • We also had fun with learning about the ten plagues
River Nile Turning into blood (with the help of food coloring)

We had the most fun with the frogs. We put them ALMOST everywhere... 

And our girls got a real kick out of them. =) (These were sporting reenactment, but they really had these expressions)

Plague of the Livestock

Plague of the gnats

We didn't do the activity for all the plagues but we did read the bible verses and the kids remembered the sequence of them.


  • Hot air takes up space
Hot air

Cold air

They LOVED this experiment because it happened so fast!

Air has weight
We didn't manage to do the balance beam experiment because they would not stay. So I chose to use a digital scale to show that air has weight. I am glad that it did show!!Should have used the "oz" function.


  • Rod and Staff is going great!
  • Spelling Power for Big Bro
  • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis

To learn the words he missed for Spelling power, I asked him to write the words creatively, and also to use his non-writing hand to write the words

Foreign Language

We were on Lesson 4 on 康軒一上.

This was fun!

The words they can write.


We learnt about Bach

Continual Line drawing


Have you wondered?
  • Big Bro asked "Since going to Jesus is a good thing, why are you afraid of us getting into accidents?" That's a great thought, son!
Kindergarten: D-d Dinosaurs

We also watched a dvd for Danny and the Dinosaur

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