Thursday, December 31, 2015

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 16: Barbarians, Islamic Invasions, the Heart, Moses


We continued to memorize 1 Cor 12:1-3

We continued to read on Luke and the life of Jesus.

We also read the story of Boniface (Trials and Triumphs)

For Lil Sis, she read about the story of Moses


We learnt about Clovis, the Barbarians, Frankish kingdoms and Charles

We finished Twice Freed.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English.

Lil Sis worked on her phonics, bible books and bible notebook

The older two finished up Lesson 6 康軒一下 for Mandarin Chinese

We learnt two more Latin words "nominis. nomen" and "pro" this week. 
We did Spelling Power.

Lil Sis started Singapore Math 1B and she was so excited!


We learnt about the circulatory system and had a fun week learning about the heart.
It took Mommy a while but finally understood about the system

The kids had a BLAST feeling their pulse and tracking their heartbeat.

The model of the heart

We placed the heart into our model (not easy to see)

These videos were just wonderful in teaching about the circulatory system.


We learnt about tones and how to mix the colors. It was fun!

Then we mixed up the secondary and tertiary colors and painted "harmony"

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