Thursday, January 28, 2016

Preschool 2015/2016: Winter Unit

I started my littlest for "planned" school. Before that she was learning from everything she does, hears, touches, and interacts with in her life. She is 3 years old.

January 2015: WINTER UNIT

We used the whole month for the unit and I cannot believe how much fun we had. We did about 2 to 3 activities everyday.

Auntie S. wrote a great Chinese song 冬天來了and that was like our "anthem" for this month. We play/sing it often.

We read these books together. They were all so fun.

I got this idea from another post, but instead of printing out her copy, I made my own because I am able to color the scarfs and hats with the colors of the buttons I own.

She did some coloring (more not pictured)

I made snow play dough! =) I like this no-cook recipe now and I added sprinkles.
She made snow men. This play dough was WELL PLAYED in the month. I found out that if we cover the playdough with wet napkin in a container, it prevented some drying out.

And Lil Sis made angels.

Then we went on to bear pops.

LOVE this art. Idea taken from here.

I put some small objects in the ice cube and she melted them.

This snow flake art project was great fun too!

TRIED to make a melted snowman cookie (they look so pretty from the link!). I didn't have the large marshmallow.

Big Sis came up with a super creative game for her. She found many pictures to create snowmen with.I was so impressed by how creative and initiative Big Sis is.

These were some of the combinations.

Winter sorting

Cotton Ball Snow Man

Tissue and paper snow man

Hot chocolate with marshmallows. YUM.

The Frozen Heart fun. =) baking soda and water mixture frozen, added vinegar for frothing sizzling effect.
Ice skates, idea and template from here

Big sisters made Popsicle dolls and that was how we froze them.

Ice Skating Dolls!! Idea from here

Frozen Coloring pages

Painting and making a snow man. The older ones were so amused and said that Baby Sis will be SO sick of snowmen at the end of January. =)

Baby Sis had fun with this

Dot a Dot pictures


We did lacing for a mitten

After that we went on to cutting yarns, of course.

Puffy Paint was very fun! It would stay puffy if the girls didn't poke it. But well...when we got to THIS snowman, we are SERIOUSLY tired of these rounded characters...

The big sisters helped me in making the mitten match game.

She loved it.

The last activity: we made yellow ( more white) snow flake. =)

Before the month ended, God blessed us with Hurricane Jonas. I am sure it made life REALLY REALLY tough for MANY and I felt sad about that. However, this is the first time Baby Sis ACTUALLY played with snow and she was DELIRIOUS. NOTHING can describe that joy.

Fun videos:

Pinterest Board for the Winter Unit

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