Thursday, February 25, 2016

100th Day

It is 100th Day!   

 Why do we celebrate 100th Day, especially when it confuses the kids( so do we still have school tomorrow?)? 

  •  We want to celebrate the hard work of the children in school and 100 is a fun number to play with! 
  •  Creative, fun things out of the normal routine are motivating and inspiring!
  •  Little celebrations reminds us to take a break, slow down and enjoy one another.    
These are what we did today.  
 We adjust the schedule somewhat and we had less "school work".   

 Thank you, God, for the new dollar tree down the block! We got $1balloons!!   

 I love ( and the kids too!) this fun idea of snack!   

 100 pieces of Lego structure     

 We read really fun books on 100! 
Lil Sis did with me the math for the 100 snowmen, it was so fun!      

 100 exercises.     

 100 pieces of snacks. The kids' all time favorite.

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