Wednesday, March 23, 2016

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 26: Ottoman, Spain, Man on Mat, apostles, farmer


We memorized Philippians 2:5-9

We started reading Philippians

For Lil Sis, we read about man on the mat, apostles, farmer and the seeds.


We learnt about the Ottoman Turks, Ferdinand and Isabella, and Henry the Navigator

Since there are no more read alouds for the year, I started reading "Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic" to the kids. They really like the books. I got the book for free on Amazon Kindle.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English.

Lil Sis worked on her bible story reading  and bible notebook. 

The older two did revisions on Lesson 5-8 康軒一下 for Mandarin Chinese and Lil Sis did practice on bopomofo

We learnt two more Latin words "luna" and "inter" this week. 
I found an interesting game for Lil Sis to practice her sight words. I typed in the words instead of using the Dolch List.

The older kids continued to read books of interest to them, like Boxcar Children, Winnie the Pooh, and such. I am introducing new books to them, like Pippi Longstocking, Sugar Creek Gang, Choose Your Own Adventure series. You can see what they are reading from the links below.

Big Sis did 98% on her test for 3A. Really amazing! Now she is going on to 3B.

We learnt about the moon this week.
We talked about reflection of the light for the moon.

They did the summary pages.


We drew human forms this week.

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