Sunday, October 16, 2016

MFW Exploration to 1850 WEEK 9: William Penn, Roots


This week we revised Bible memory James 1:1-11.
And we memorized James 1:12-27

We sang "Alas Did my savior bleed"


 We learnt about the wars against the colonies, William Penn, and Pennsylvania.

We finished reading Amos Fortune.

And we went on to Madeleine Takes Command

We also started reading The Courage of Sarah Noble.
We have really enjoyed this book, especially Big Sis. Last year, she made her own audiobook! =) It was well made I think. There are some mistakes in reading, which she corrected. Overall, I think she did a really amazing job as a then-seven-year-old.


It is fun to see them writing long paragraphs in Mandarin by dictation.

We learnt about roots this week.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

We used two media this week- pastel and water colors. It was fun.

Books we read for leisure

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