Friday, August 25, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 1: Easing into school, State Tests

I love week 1's. In the beginning, I learnt from the MFW schedule to make it light. It has made a huge difference to us easing into the new school year.


We did an ABC study of Philippians (author, Background, Context) and dove into memorizing 1:1-4. In the end I gave up doing "a Young Person's Guide to Knowing God" because I feel that studying and memorizing Philippians is enough.

I let them do their own notations of the verses, something we learnt from this video.

We did a states Pre-test, in which the older two aced it, and Lil Sis needs work, which I was not surprised. We also learnt the northeast and south states.

We learnt about atoms and how molecules changes.
We watched this video that teaches about meringues, and we made some yummy meringue.

Big Bro studied General Science on his own. He did these experiments this week.


How molecules move (comparing cold and hot water)

Big Sis did a science page on what she learnt.

Language and Math
The kids all started on Rod and Staff English, and Singapore Math. Big Bro is using Chalkdust Math (Pre-Algebra), and the beginning lessons are total confidence boosters because they are so easy. =)

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