Wednesday, November 29, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Weeks 5-12 (Back Blog)

Well, well, well, did we just stop school for the past 7 weeks?
Or did we give up homeschooling?
Maybe mommy gave up on blogging.

None of the above.

God gave us a very surprising gift middle of September that caused almost everything in our family to halt and reorganize.

We are pregnant!!!!!

This is possibly my hardest pregnancy. I was pretty sick for many weeks and now we are in week 15 and I am not completely myself.

We took two weeks off during this time and other weeks we hung on by the grace of God. We did not do a lot of fun stuff suggested in the Story of the World Student Book, and while I had great intentions to research more interesting books or videos on the subjects, they did not happen.

I was just profoundly thankful for a husband who did housework, my children who cooked, washed dishes, and tidied the house, and for having done most of the prep work in the summer. I pulled out the student sheets I printed and put in manila folders before the school year began, opened my TM, and we do school week after week.

Most likely we did not dwell as much as I hoped to in the subject matters and Lil Sis still hasn't gotten her states down yet. It is possible that we memorized Philippians in a turtle speed and quite true that we missed some really fun crafts for Kindergarten,

However, we did learn to cook, wash dishes well, and took care of each other (especially mommy) during this time.

We have memorized Philippians 1:1-29 till now. Slow but steady. Yes.

We learnt the hymns God will Take Care of You (Nest)- SO APPROPRIATE FOR US!

And "For the Beauty of the Earth" for Us


We learnt some of the capitals (Lil Sis, the older two are experts on states and capitals). We did President studies from James Buchanan to Benjamin Harrison.
We did some state studies.
We spent some time on Abraham Lincoln and I was glad we did learn enough of him because he is possibly my favoite president.
We talked about the Civil War and how America rebuild itself after that.
We found out more about the transcontinental railroad.
We learnt about the different revolutions, rebellions, and changes going in other parts of the world during this time, like Afghanistan, Paraguay, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Dutch East Indies, South American, The Suez Canal, and Australia.

I am thankful for SOTW student sheets. The outlines really helped to consolidate what we heard.
We tried to place the states in order of space.

This game for France was really fun!


The topics we covered for these weeks were:
1. Dissolving and solutions
2.Acids and bases
3. Energy
4. Friction
5. Sound Waves

The Lincoln pennies experiement was really fun.

Friction and the climbing Spider.

Dissolving salt and floating eggs

Acids and Bases

Colors (didn't work well)

They also had a lot of fun with the energy experiments like rocket balloons and running spool.

I really think they retain their knowledge better with experiments (Lil Sis remembered stored energy well because of the spool experiment), but we didn't get to do as much as I have hoped.

Language and Math

Language Arts and Math are the most consistent during these weeks. They did these even on weeks we took "off".

Big Bro is doing well with IEW and his Math.

Read A-louds
We FINALLY finished Farmer Boy!!!! We skipped the other read-alouds until now. =( I hope I can get back on track with Hudson Taylor and Banks.
Image result for Farmer boy Ingalls

We did some art coinciding with the K materials

Klimt Tree of Life (Leaf)

Cezanne's still life apples (Apple)

Andy Warhol's Cans (for Turtle-perserverance, the artist's life)

Van Gogh's 3/4 portrait (for Us)

Georgie Keefe's Ladder to the moon (Moon)

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