Saturday, December 9, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 13: Irish Potato Plague, Boers, Africa

We memorized Philippians 2:1-3 this week.


We learnt about the Irish potato plague, scrambling for Africa, and the Boers and British.
And we made Irish Boxty (potato pancakes). They are good!!


For Science, we learnt about crystals and we will do the crystal experiment with Big Bro in the next few weeks.

We watched a video on the Giant's Courseway in Ireland, tying perfectly with Ireland AND crystals.

Language and Math
We continue with language arts and Math.

Read A-louds
This week we started reading On the Banks of Plum Creek and Hudson Taylor.

Since Baby Sis is learning about dinosaurs, we did some dinosaurs drawing.

Also, this year, for Advent, we are reading Ann VosKamp's The Wonder of the Greatest Gift
We enjoy it a lot.

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