Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creation Week: Plan

For Creation week, I'm hoping to do:
1. Creation book (from curriculum) 
2. Creation Numbers (from curriculum) 
3. Read the Creation account from Picture That! Bible (I like it)
4. Creation Lapbook (More details later) 
5. Alphabets reviews

On the supplement side:
1. Colleen's box (she'll have some simple folder games, puzzles, lacing and stuff in her box) 
2. Alphabet puzzle and Alphabet game (from Letter-of-the-week
3. Matching lower and upper case letters using my should-be-patented 24-pocket folder and the ABC game cards

Creation Lapbook:
Cover (Globe and foam hands) downloaded from here
"Which day is it?" creation game. Icons from the same download place
Creation Wheel

Snack Ideas:
Nancy from the MFW Msg Board suggested these for snacks:
Day 1 Oreo cookies and milk for light and dark.
Day 2 Marshmallows and water for sky and water.
Day 3 Dirt cups(chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos mixed in).
Day 4 Cheese and crackers for the moon and planets.
Day 5 Fish crackers. (I add: put them in blue jell-O for effect)
Day 6 Animal crackers.
Day 7 Sundaes for rest
Such great ideas right?

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