Saturday, August 28, 2010

Planning for Kindergarten 2010

PreK was fun, but Kindergarten is going to be a blast. I know it just by planning.
We're using My Father's World: A to Z Kindergarten curriculum. (plus a couple more supplements) but because I really want my kid to learn more, but because he already knows and writes the entire alphabet and most letter sounds. Also I have a almost 3 yr old tagging along.
Erica (Confessions of a Homeschooler) has the COOLEST letter-of-the-week curriculum! I love her graphics! She has lots of free printables or you can buy it a very reasonable price.
My Father's World users has a great network of resources out there...the yahoo group, blogrolls...etc. They gave me so many wonderful ideas!! Thank you guys!
So, here's how I'm PLANNING for this blog to be.
1. Lesson Plans
Before every "topic", I'll try to put up my plans for what I'm going to do, the supplements and the side activities for my 2.5-3 yr old.
2. Lesson Reports
After every "topic", I'll try to put up a report of what we did.
Seems simple enough, but since I have another personal restricted blog, I do hope this can continue.
I also write this blog because we are severely in lack of group support. If you live in Queens, New York and you're a Christian homeschooler, whether you're using MFW or not, do contact us!!
We are starting a very new and rather lonely journey, because we can't find enough homeschoolers around and we're one of the rare Asians...


  1. I am planning on starting MFW K soon and I am so glad I came across your blog! Thank you for "showing" how you taught each lesson, because now I don't feel so intimidated :)


  2. I'm real glad, Stephanie. We had so much fun. I know you will too. We got TONS of resources from the forum, from others in the blogasphere. Very much indebted.