Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Plan

Near the end of the 2 months summer break (before we had our last road trip), Ian said "I'm tired of summer holidays." =) Just right in time for school.

1st grade meant...
...more reading (yay! He really loves it)
...more planning and longer school hours
...beginning of paperwork here in NYC
...wonderful Exploration Day ideas almost every week.

We're excited!

Here are what we are using for 1st Grade (at least for now):
*MFW 1st Grade
*We'll do some slightly different memorization of the proverbs, because I chose different translations and also different proverbs, sometimes to match the character qualities we'll be learning

Character Building/Social Studies
*Character 1st. I added this component, because I think it's mighty important. Also I REALLY REALLY like this material. They did such a wonderful job, kind of like an unit study that makes abstract ideas (character qualities) very concrete for children.
*Little Book of Manners for Boys
*Little Book of Manners for Girls

English (writing, spelling, reading)
*MFW 1st Grade
*Books, books, lots of books (with suggestions from Honey for the child's heart)

*The Complete Book of Math (you'll not believe it. But I'm born and raised in Singapore and I took a hard look at the most contemporary Singapore Math. I actually like the Complete Book better.)
*I'll still "supplement" with Shaping Maths (1A and 1B) by Charlotte Collars (Author), et al. (from Singapore)

*MFW ideas and book lists (OOOH I LOVE THEM!!!)
*Things outdoors
*Science with plants

*Drawing with Children
*Come look with me (enjoying art)
*Come look with me (enjoying landscape)

*Carnival of The Animals (I'm choosing this over Peter and the Wolf)

*I'm going to try to "celebrate" every important federal holiday with a learning of that day (usually linked to some American history or important person)
*Continue to work on the states and countries, using Children's Atlas of the world (whenever the place is mentioned)
*regular grandparents' time (Monday outings) will help learn about social activities/customs etc in our neighborhood

Health and other safety materials will be taught as and when.

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