Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Routines Review - iPad App

I received a Home Routines App from the nice people from Wunderbear and I was actually really excited to be using it since I'm SUCH a list person and I have been trying to find a REALLY fitting app for my daily to-dos, weekly to-dos etc. It took me a long time to do this review for I really wanted to make sure I try out the app.

What I like about the app:
*the little stars
Silly I know, but I like them better than check boxes.
*To-Dos under Today, This week and later
This helps people like me who needs a dumping ground for the "future"

*Daily Messages
This is a good feature to remind me what everyday is for. For instance, I was always running out of wipes and then I try to remember to replenish them. Now I make Tuesday a replenish day when I try to replenish wipes, papers, soap etc.
*Zone cleaning
This is probably what I like most about the app. I tried Flylady for a bit and this zone cleaning thing is MY thing. I like the fact that I can personalize my zones and the items in them.

The daily routines split into morning and evening routines (and weekly) which are great.

But the downside I realize is that I need a place to put all "to-dos" and then assign them to the different days and not just routines, yet I can't easily slide them to the respective days (for eg even from "this week" to "Today"). That's a little disappointing.

I also realize what I really need is a "To-Do" list rather than routines app. Yet, the routine part helps because that's something you do everyday and you don't have to type it in everyday.

So, even though I would say Home Routines is a great app for routines, it doesn't work for me who is really looking for "routines" + "to-dos".

If you need something to motivate you to do the routines, I'll say this is a nice app to have (if you'll like to spend $3.99 on it)
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