Friday, January 27, 2012

MFW 1st Grade Days 107-111

SCIENCE: Water pressure
We happened to have this kit which is really really fun for the kids

Made a shepherd bag (because of David) and the kids were just elated! Good thing my machine has a presser-foot-free function. Easier on them.


Button snake

iPad: ABC Sketch Pad (quite a good practice) free

Bible Verse Copywork

We used an iPad app to teach on the harp (David plays) and listen to the sounds of them. (now for $1.99, I got it for free) We also went on youtube to see the real harps.

More Math additions and subtractions

We read the Rag Coat and did some FIAR activities on it (not completed yet) and we read the Cloak for the dreamer along with it (even though that's on shapes)

Learning about the Appalachia Mountains and the states it runs through.

Other read-alouds this week. I really like the Seven Silly Eaters. So funny!!
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