Monday, April 2, 2012

MFW 1st Grade Days 142-148

And these were the REALLY hard days. I'm not feeling super. mostly on the couch.
But what we still attempt to do everyday:
Read bible notebook (we're onto the NT now)
Memorize the bible verse
Write/draw Bible Notebook
Read aloud (we take turns)
Write a story/correct the story
Sometimes Chinese

We have put Science aside and Character First. Can't do much of that now...

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  1. Hello! So glad you are back! I really love reading your blog and following your homeschool journey. Congrats on the new baby! We have four 6 and under. Its a wonderful blessing. We are thinking of doing MFW 1st next year. I was curious if you thought it was a lot of prep involved. I struggle with doing this well and really struggled getting it all together with MFW..but my kids love the hands on activities. Take care!