Monday, January 28, 2013

MFK K P-Penguin 2013


We found lots of fun stuff for the preschooler! And the first day of P-Penguin, there was a freebie preschool pack out, so I grabbed the chance and downloaded it. It was great fun for her!

Color by numbers 
This is the preschool pack (lots more than these of course)
oops, not this, this one is from another site
match shapes
cutting practice
finding "p"s
size sort

The learning page has this cool printable.
I did a P words wordsearch on puzzlemaker
The preschool pack has some fun stuff for the K'ner too.
Learning how Penguins stay warm
They have an insulation of air in between their feathers.

We also watched quite a number of Emperor's Penguins videos on youtube. GREAT fun! And we read The Emperor's Egg and also Tacky (I don't like Tacky, but the kids do)
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