Sunday, January 6, 2013

MFW Adventures Week 16: RI, VT, Daniel Boone

We used two weeks over Christmas and New Year to finish week 16. But with illnesses in the family and all, we didn't do that much.


Cold air shrinks (we didn't get to do hot air expands, but we did do the pingpong trick before)

Hot air rises, cold air sinks (didn't work very well)

Rhode Island
This is a great book, easy to finish within 10 mins.
God helped us to HAPPEN to have a bottle of VT maple syrup. So cool.
And we watched videos of how maple syrup is made and also a video of Franklin (the turtle) and maple syrup. Fun.
This is a WONDERFUL book! Esp for Ian who is learning to use the camera.

We found the lapbook here and really appreciate it!
Really like the idea of Immanuel from this. We memorized the verse well and it was so fitting right after Christmas to memorize this.
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