Thursday, October 17, 2013

MFW ECC Wks 7-8 Canada

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Bible: Garifuna, Greenland, Mt 5:11, Mt 5:12
Christian Heros: Cameron Townsend, William Booth, George Muller
Geography: Cananda, Vocab(bay, cape, continental shelf)
Math: Multiplication tables, Division
Language: Lessons 6/7 (), Spelling Power
Science: Food Chains, Plant and animal life
Art: Inuit soap carving, maple leaf folding
Books we read: 
Canada A to Z
Canada (Que and Ans book)

Our Centerpiece
Memorized Mt 5:11-12

Christian Heroes

We completed Cameron Townsend and read on William Booth and George Muller (for Hero Tales)

It started off with me really liking the fact we are reading on Cameron Townsend, but it kind of got boring. I feel that there were WAYYYY too much details and also too many "indeed"s.  But we finished it...quite a feat I must say. We really enjoyed reading HT though


Off to Canada we go!

 Big guy really likes the Geography game. Today we used two different color beads to know how many he got right.

Flag page

Children like me

We watched Amazing Grace sung in Inuit and also how a boy build igloo. Real fun

High Tea. Got the nice cookies and the maple leaf cookies at Aldi for a great price! The kids were very happy.

The travel memory book


Continued with the drill cards (we made on our own) and big boy has memorized 2 and 3 times table.

Trying to go through the place value way of addition/subtraction with big boy again...using different colors for the place values.
Big Boy finished 2A and did his test today. Not too well (he is not very good in tests, always felt he can't do it). So I made another test for him to practice.


We learnt 
And I made a story for revision, downloadable here

And more revision worksheets here


We learnt about food chains.
And we had a successful xylem experiment! It was hard getting them out but after I got a hang of it, was very fun seeing the holes!

By Day 3 I was seriously getting nervous that this is not working, but I was very happy to see that xylem-less celery take its bow.

And also about plants and animals reproduction. brought up the inevitable question: How about human beings?

We got these books some time back in anticipation for this. So had to whip the 2nd book out today to read and talk.
It is a very good book.



We made Inuit soap carving. (and destroyed two. Only one made it)

Making the Canadian flag

You can roll it
Or paint it
Stamp a hand
Great work!

This art piece is SOOO beautiful!
Preschool with ECC

C for Canada and Carrots

For breakfast, little sis saw "C" in her kambocha pumpkin.

and she made crab.

Got some handwriting practice from here

More crabs
C for Caterpillar

And we watched a sesame street podcast on C. I really like these classic clips put together

The Q Sesame clip is HILARIOUS. We watched it so many times.

Q is for Quebec, and for Queen!

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