Thursday, November 7, 2013

MFW 1st Grade/Preschool Wks 9-11

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Bible: Memorize Pr 13:1, 14:30, 19:17 Colombia, Yanomamo, Animism Quechua
Books of the bible - Genesis to 1 Chronicles
Math: Addition/Subtraction, place value
Science: Under the Sea, Moon/Sun, volcano
Language: Lessons 8-10 (), y sounds, syllables, 
Arts: Drinking straw flute, rainforest frog, rainforest thumbprint
What's it like to be a fish
Baby whales drink milk
Follow Me
look at the Moon
What the sun sees
Happy Birthday Moon

We did many things about Brazil with ECC


We started learning about the books of the bible (which I hope girl will memorize by the end of the year) I added in the Chinese since they finished learning bopomofo

Day 3: God made land and plants

Bible Notebook Day 3
Finished Creation

A Sad Day


We learnt God made seeds-producing plants on day 3, so we counted seeds from the apple we ate. Big Girl counted the seeds from each side and added them up.

We finished addition and went on to place value but we are already doing that a lot in the calendar daily.


The kids always enjoy the student sheets.

We finished BoPoMoFo and we did reviews and even a lesson on the Creation Story.

I asked them to write a short story about birthday


Under the Sea Preschool Pack

Life in the sea mini book

Making the moon phases project

Finished moon phases project

And the moon mini book


Some music worksheets

This is one of the art piece we did with ECC. Others are here

We printed off some All About Fall worksheets for the little one

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