Thursday, November 7, 2013

MFW ECC Wks 9-11: Brazil

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Bible: Colombia, Yanamato, Animism, Quechua, Mt 5:14-16
Christian Heros: Nate Saint
Geography: Brazil, Vocab(zone, jungle, delta,swamp, marsh)
Math: Addition/Subtraction to 100, Multiplication 4
Language: Lessons 8-10 (), Spelling Power
Science: Rainforests
Art: Drinking straw flute, rainforest frog, rainforest thumbprint
Books we read: 
Here is the Rainforest
Magic Schoolbus: rainforests

Our Centerpiece

Memorized Mt 5:14-16
Boy is doing good in reading the passages for his devotions

Christian Heroes

Nate Saint is so much more enjoyable to read!

We finished Nate Saint. Oh my. Tear-jerking story.
But it's still very detailed for the kid (as in many names, dates etc). The story retold in the manual was a good recap.

Made the Nate Saint plane
Geography Game for South America. So fun! 
Brigadeiros. A lot of work, but DELICIOUS. I used the graham crackers and coconut instead of choc sprinkles because that's what I have.

We looked at natural habitat in different countries in South America.
Flag and Fact page

Memory Book

LOVE this classic Disney video clip!

We started 2B.


We finished all of the BoPoMoFo!! Yay!

This picture cracks me up. Our kids were not that enthusiatic about Chinese, but ever since I introduced BoPoMoFo and they realized they can ACTUALLY read Chinese, they were more than enthusiastic. This is a "who's the first to recognize..." game.

Made a Creation story lesson that can be downloaded here

Big Boy wrote a story about his birthday. 3 sentences.

And we read from some easy readers

Spelling Power is getting easier to use

One of the ways to learn Spelling words - make a sentence (I've tried other ways SP suggested too. Boy loves the "write with eraser" method most)


Rainforest Diorama

We learnt about the Amazon, the animals in the rainforest etc...

And we made the egg experiment. It was really fun. We found out that the 3 eggs (when we did 4, one was too tall and made the arrangment imbalance) can take the weight of 11 books, 8 kg! It was cool, because our baby sister is 9kg.


Drinking Flute art...not as easy to make the sounds but the kids had fun.

Rainforest tree frog!

Thumbprint art

Preschool with ECC

The Q Sesame clip is HILARIOUS. We watched it so many times.

Some nice B crafts

Playdoh mats

R for Rainforest

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  1. really cool! Love the fact that you're teaching them Chinese! That's what I love about homeschooling. you can teach them whatever you want your family to be passionate about! We, in our family, teach them spanish. So awesome! What book did you use for Science? and I've found that "spelling" via copy work is more efficient... if you have any questions about that.. let me know. I'll be following your blog... so keep up the great work!