Saturday, January 11, 2014

MFW ECC Weeks 16-17: Germany

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Bible: Mt 11:29-30, 6:19, Spain, Turkey
Christian Heros: Martin Luther, John Wesley, George Muller
Geography: Germany (Europe), Vocab(headwater, mouth,ford, meander)
Math: Money, fractions
Language: 恩典夠用, Spelling Power
Science: Rivers, ponds and lakes
Art: Drawing castles, Paper Doll, 
Books we read: 
A true book on Germany
Colors of Germany
Christmas in Germany
The Musicians of Brementown

I completely forgot the centerpiece this week
MemorizeMt 11:29-30, 6:19

And we finished George Muller. We also read about Martin Luther and John Wesley.
When we prayed for Spain and Turkey, we used this link that is very very cool. They did a wonderful job teaching about the country (currently) and there is a short praying video with wonderful footage on the country.


Measuring the flag

Flag page

Nice Pumpernickel toast from German (Aldi) and sauerkraut

Paper Doll

We read some fun stories written by the Brothers Grimm. When these were free, I got them. (Very nice pop up book app) I also got the Fairy Tales ebook for free (still free today 1/9/2014)

I made a study on one Chinese praise song that the kids love, so that they can learn the words with it. You're welcome to take a look and use it! The song can be found here

And the lessons downloadable here

We worked on money, more subtraction facts practice and fractions.

Learning to draw a castle

The simple version

This is the Neuschwanstein castle he drew by looking a picture.

We also learnt about the 3 Bs, Beethoven, Bach and Brahms. So we listened to their music and the girls started dancing to them. =)

Preschool with ECC

We did the pond pack

Letter maze for G and L

G for Germany and L for lakes

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