Saturday, January 11, 2014

MFW 1st Weeks 17-18

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Bible: Memorize Pr 20:22, 3:5, Bible stories (Joseph, Moses, 10 plagues)
Books of the bible - Joel to Zephaniah)
Math: Money and Fractions
Science: Water
Language: 恩典夠用, phonics
Arts: 10 plagues, drawing castles, 

Jump Kangaroo Jump

The great pet sale
the Penny Pot
Rabbit and Hare shares a half

We did many things about Germany with ECC

learning to write and edit her writing.
Joseph in Egypt

Burning bush

10 plagues
I made a study on one Chinese praise song that the kids love, so that they can learn the words with it. You're welcome to take a look and use it! The song can be found here

And the lessons downloadable here



And the girl got a real watch for her 6th birthday. She is getting really good at telling time!

And I realized the Daily Math in her Calendar Binder helped SOOO much in her math and understanding of money and time.


We drew castles for ECC and also listened to some Bach, Beethoven and Brahms music (Germany)
And the girls danced to the music
Big sis made this Germany doll

Our littlest joining in for school! (for like 10 mins before she went exploring the house again)

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