Friday, August 23, 2013

MFW 1st PreK Week 1-2

Plan (with links to resource) and Pinterest Idea Box

They are my most enthusiastic students. I LOVE that about them!!! =)

Besides the fun stuff we did with Big Bro for ECC, they had their own things to have fun with.


Bible: Learn about the bible, Jewish calendar, Pr 9:10, Pr 10:5
Math: Patterns, Sorting, Classification
Science: Close to the Ground, Seasons
Language: Lessons 1 and 2 (ㄅㄇㄊㄗㄘㄚㄠㄢ), Review Handwriting Alphabet
Arts: #Hello Children of the World, Children of the World Art, World Pie
A Collection for Kate
The Button Box
Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom

Four stories for four seasons
Mushroom in the rain
Thinking about ants
Hooray for Snail
The ant and the grasshopper

Extra: Learnt about continent, maps, What God is doing in the World, World


Talked about the bible and scrolls.

Copywork: Pr 9:10 (and memorized)

MATH: Patterns And Sorting

The Calendar book is fun and after the 1st day, Big sis was able to do it on her own!

We learnt about patterns

This was my task for her...using beads to make a pattern on a pipe cleaner

and of course, it'll turn into this.

We did some worksheets from Complete book of Math for sorting.

SCIENCE: Close to the Ground and Seasons

The toy hammer is a GREAT help for the snack.

I tried doing a "healthy" Chia pudding (instead of the yellow #5 CHOCOLATE pudding. YIKES! WHY ON EARTH??!?), but it's not VERY palatable..Thank God for oreos. Oh, yes, AND gummy worms.

We made a mini book on seasons

LANGUAGE: Handwriting A-Z, short vowel a

Big girl did well in her handwriting

We did the Alphabet scroll


Big girl is doing so well in her piano lessons with me. She's on to the staff now!! Here's our first duet.

We did the Children of the World craft with Big Bro for ECC

The Pre-Kler did quite a lot these two weeks! =) (AND she joined in Brother AND Sister's fun.)

Daily Calendar

Alphabet puzzles

Number Tangrams
 Stickers match

Number words


Hands of the world art for ECC

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