Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our SchoolRoom 2013-2014

Our "schoolroom" is basically almost our entire small NYC 900+ sq ft 2 bedroom apartment.
This year it's a little different from last.

This is a "tour" (more like stand in one spot and do a 360 deg turn).

The "main area": Dining Room/Artroom/Schoolworkroom/snackroom/chatroom.
On the side, you see Mommy's reduced-size table. Computer work or individual work can be done here.

This is THE ROOM. 

And all the materials/supplies. (Well, I do have a small cupboard somewhere else in the apt that holds much of past years things and some other materials)
Top Level: Binders, lapbooks
2nd Level: Art/craft materials
3rd Level: Writing and drawing materials, cuisenaire rods, blocks
4th level: All the books for this year
5th level: Craft, writing materials, glue, scissors and such.
6th level: My trusty laminator, busy activity bag box, file folder games box and paper box.

I thought of so many ways to put the school supplies. It turns out the Target $1 little metal pails work well and look good.

On the side, we have the keyboard for piano lessons.

Turn one full round. You see...the living room. Which is the reading area too.

There! You see the book basket?

Just in case you're wondering, where does this family of 6 (and 4 are children 8 and under) play? Turn a little more, to the side of mommy's table...THERE! =) Our toy chest (covered with quilt) and the little one showing where she plays. Well, technically, they play in the living room and dining area too (oh, and their room, which all four of them share).

It makes all you who have real schoolrooms grateful for your rooms huh? =) But we're mighty thankful. For in the metropolitan, we are able to have this space debt-free and we don't feel too cluttered...we're very very grateful and content.


  1. What a great way to use the space you have! As a former NY native, I love it that a family from Queens is homeschooling. (I now live in cold winter MN!) We have some good Navigator friends that live in Queens. May you all have a great year with MFW!

  2. We homeschool in a 1200 sq foot house without a dedicated room so I love your tips on organizing. I adore those Target pails!

  3. We school in a small apartment too, it makes organization challenging but it works. We are also using ECC this year. Hope you have a great year.

  4. You rock! I am always so inspired by all you do with what God has provided for you :)

  5. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your encouragement!