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School Planning 2013-2014 1st Grade/Preschool

*NOTE* This is an unfinished planning blogpost. It'll be updated until all weeks are planned out.

IDEA BOX on Pinterest

Colleen will be in 1st grade coming year and this material is what we will be using.
Learning God's Story is our newly revised complete first grade curriculum with aphonics-based reading program that focuses on the Bible. The integrated lessons also include language arts, social studies, science, math, and art. Easy-to-teach lesson plans guide you through an entire school year.

Using a thematic approach, this learning adventure focuses on Bible history from Genesis to Revelation. Phonics lessons develop the needed skills to read Bible stories from our Bible Reader. Students retell (narrate) the Bible story and create a lovely keepsake Bible Notebook in which they summarize and illustrate Bible stories. Weekly memory verses selected from Proverbs help strengthen handwriting skills as well as Biblical character. 
 (from My Father's World Curriculum's website)

Much of all we needed to do are all lined up nicely in the curriculum. When Ian did 1st grade, I remembered it was wonderful to see him learning the bible stories and reading the reader on his own. This year, I would add some materials and also Colleen would participate in some of the Geography/Science material with Ian for ECC.

This is mostly covered by the MFW curriculum
We will continue to borrow many wonderful whole books from the booklist for Math and Science and also some chapter books for read-aloud.

Other Add-ons:
Garden of Eden
Christmas Story
Easter Story

Crafts - also for Preschoolers (check out links in Pinterest page)
Abraham Stars
10 plagues
Noah's Ark
Joseph's coat
Daniel in lion's Den (file folder game, easy lion craft, maze)
Jonah and fish (many to choose from!)
Fiery Furnace (2 types to choose from)
Rahab bookmark
King Solomon's crown (paper plate)
Elijah and Prophets of Baal (altar)
Angel Doily (Angel appearing to Mary)
Jesus Calms the storm
Bread and fish

File Folder games:
Daniel in the den (Time)
Ten Commandments
Easter Story
(and more)

ABCs of the Bible
This is a great supplement for preschooler (with coloring as well as tracing the letters)

Nativity and Christmas pack

Found lots of great ideas for crafts (or to put in BN). Check out my collection here


I LOVED the Complete Book of Math, so Colleen will use this too.
We also will do some Pattern Blocks with Animals (she already played with this quite a bit before)
Also will be using some calendar pages from here and here instead of the morning board.
The preschooler will be using this fun fun (and beautiful) calendar pack from here

Will be using the books suggested by MFW and also some supplements along the way.

Week 1 Things Close to the Ground: Dirt cups
Week 2 Seasons: Mini book (I got free a while back, now it's $1)
Week 3 Flowers: flower dye
Week 4 Trees: Mini book, Habitat Diorama (Forests)
Week 5 Rain: Mini book, make rain sticks
Week 6 Thunder: Lightning/Thunder experiment
Week 8 Beach: Beach Preschool pack
Week 9 Under the Sea: Mini book
Week 10 Sun/Moon: Phases snack
Week 11 Volcanoes: Mini Book
Week 12 Planets: Planets game, activity or worksheets
Week 13 Rainbow: Make rainbow from strips of paper

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