Thursday, August 22, 2013

This'N'That World Pie

We decided not to make the world cake. Just because there is this recipe Ian found in this book that he was very interested in.
This series are wonderful, by the way. You probably don't find many books with homeschoolers and this series makes my boy feel normal. Hey! It's written in books! It must be right, right? =)

So, here goes it. 
First we made the butterscotch pudding from scratch. Not a fan of the yellow #5 or 6 pudding mixes. Recipe here. This recipe is delicious!

Next my very wonderful helper helped with her handy hammer to crust the graham crackers
Add with melted butter and press into pan. Freeze.

Next layer. Here goes powdered sugar.

Cool whip

Cream cheese

Beat them. Not the kids, the ingredients.

Spread the cream cheese/cool whip mixture on the graham layer.

Pudding layer. Oops, a bit bloppy.

Frost with cool whip. I'm VERY VERY stingy with the coloring.

Our world pie! (Boy says, don't forget New we did)

I don't know how it tastes's for snack later...but we do know how the individual layers taste like! (they are yummy) With all the bowl lickers around! =)

On a side note...I REALLY didn't want to deal with the coloring, so I actually did an experiment with natural dyes. A great science experiment on the side!

Cut purple cabbage

cook it. (I'll try cooking more cabbage in less water next time)

Purple water.

Add VERY VERy little bit of baking soda a little by a little. VIOLA! Blue!!!!

But it's too light, so didn't make a difference to the frosting. I HAD to use coloring afterall. =(

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