Thursday, February 20, 2014

MFW 1st Weeks 21-22

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Bible: Memorize Pr 25:28, 14:14 Bible stories (Samuel, Ruth, Samson, King Saul, David and Goliath), John 3:16 in Mandarin
Books of the bible - 1 Cor - 2 Thess
Math: Additions and Subtractions
Science: Mixing water
Language: China History Character Stories, phonics
Arts: Samson craft, crafts with ECC (Chinese New Year)

We did many things about China with ECC


LOVE this idea from here I drew the pic myself

we did sewing on the hair for Samson. It was fun for the girls

And we watched the lego video for David

We finished 恩典夠用

And the lessons downloadable here


We did more addition and subtractions (2 digits)

We did many craft activity for ECC

We mixed water and see what happened. It was really fun.

We put different ingredients in water to see if they mix.
We tried soap powder, flour, sugar, coffee, oil and kool aid

Then we tried to see if mixing them makes a difference

And we felt the water when they are mixed

We did not plan this, but we talked about coloring in the end. Because that CRAZY kool-aid stained their hands just by TOUCHING!! I'll NEVER let them drink scary...

I LOVE this picture (not the photo, just the picture) of the big sis reading to baby sis. She is an amazing caretaker.

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