Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MFW ECC Weeks 21-22: China

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We finished Kenya while battling with sickness. It was a blessing to even complete.


Bible: Mt 6:33, 7:12 China, Tibet, Buddhism
Christian Heros: Hudson Taylor, Gladys Aylward
Geography: China (Asia), Vocab(hill valley), Chinese New Year (and character stories in China History
Math: fractions, area
Language: Spelling Power
Science: grasslands
Art: Chinese New Year decorations, Horse, paper doll
Books we read: 
Count your way through China
This next new year
The empty pot
The Great Wall of China

We read about Hudson Taylor and some Gladys Aylward

We read the Reunion, since it's Chinese New Year. It's such a SAD book!!!!

And we had dumplings

Hot Pot for Chinese New Year eve
We made the Chinese New Year decoration. The word is "Spring" since CNY is supposed to be the beginning of Spring (er...except it's snow storm for us)

We made our own red packets (and received many real ones)

China Flag

paper doll

And we memorized John 3:16 in Mandarin

More Chinese food we enjoyed. The Ya Pear

Another type of dumpling (Rice Dumpling)

Asia Geography Game

We learnt about the Chinese name seal and Mommy whipped out her own to show the kids

And we learnt to use the chopsticks. Please disregard the spaghetti. =)


We learnt about animals and parasites that live with people.


We "read" (online) many character stories from China History. That was fun.

Download ideas here (but the stories are in Mandarin)

We worked on volume and more fractions

This movable horse is quite fun

Preschool with ECC

H for Horse

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