Monday, March 10, 2014

MFW 1st Weeks 23-24

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Bible: Memorize Pr 29:25, 21:30 Bible stories (David's friend, King Solomon, Elijah and Ahab, Naaman, Jonah)
Books of the bible - 1st Tim - 2 Pet
Math: Additions and Subtractions, money (finishing up CBOM)
Language: Chinese Bible Stories Lessons 1-2, phonics
Arts: Jonah, King Solomon's crown, crafts with ECC

We did many things about Saudi Arabia with ECC

King Solomon's Crown

Elijah and the 450 Baal's priests

Using the pencil eraser to dot Naaman's spots (even though they should be white)

This Naaman printable is SO fun

Jonah's craft

Someone's not too interested in rewriting today.


I made a new series for Chinese (these are examples). Using very simple bible lessons. You are welcome to download here. Lesson 1 Lesson 2

Girl started renaming for subtraction.
We did many craft activity for ECC

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