Monday, March 10, 2014

MFW ECC Weeks 23-24: Saudi Arabia

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Bible: Islam, Kurds
Christian Heros: 
Geography: Saudi Arabia(Asia), Vocab(gulf, sound)
Math: Place Value (Singapore Math 3A)
Language: Spelling Power, Chinese Bible Lessons 1-2
Science: Environment, endangered species
Art: paper doll, middle east tiles
Books we read: 
A Ticket to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

We did not continue with Gladys Alyward because I think it's a bit too heavy for my child.


Made flat bread from this source. I think it's pretty good! (The kids think so too)

We played the more complicated Geography Game whereby they have to "travel" the countries. (noted in TM) It was REALLY fun for them!

I know the lassi should not have strawberry...but I can't resist. The kids loved it.

Did a camel lapbook and read about endangered animals


I made a new series for Chinese (these are examples). Using very simple bible lessons. You are welcome to download here. Lesson 1 Lesson 2
We started on Singapore Math 3 A and worked VERY hard (many many many many more reviews on the place values)

This movable horse is quite fun

Preschool with ECC
S for Saudi Arabia
This little Pre-K'ler LOVES her Richard Scarry Busy Book.

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