Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MFW Japan Weeks 27-28

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Bible: North Korea, Japan
Christian Heros: 
Geography: Japan(Asia), Vocab(sea, beach, sandbar,strait)
Math: multiplication, division
Language: Spelling Power, Chinese Bible Lessons 
Science: Ocean
Art: paper doll, cherry blossom art, kimono art, origami
Books we read: 
The paper crane
Count your way through Japan
The funny Little Woman
Kodomo: Children of Japan
A ticket to Japan
the tale of the Mandarin ducks

Praying for North Korea was kind of difficult


Hey look what we dug up! =)

Our family version of sushi. cucumber, carrot, egg, meat floss

We learnt about the ocean, beaches, fish in the sea

We did more lessons. Will compile all the lessons in the last blog of the year.

We did multiplication and division. Took MANY weeks of review

LOVE these. They are SOOO fun to make (links on the side bar, pinterest page)

This was fun!!

Preschool with ECC

We did O and J for Japan.

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