Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MFW ECC Russia Weeks 29-30

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Bible: Russia
Christian Heros: 
Geography: Russia(Asia), Vocab(tundra, geyser, taiga, steppe)
Math: multiplication, division
Language: Spelling Power, Chinese Bible Lessons 
Science:Tundra, Arctic
Art: nesting dolls, St Basil's Cathedral, 
Books we read: 
Arctic Tundra
The mitten
The Blessing cup
The tree of the dancing goat
Welcome to Russia

Prayed for Russia
And since it was Passion Week, we did a Resurrection Roll fun project.


Made bliny and thought it's like crepes. but it's tasty!

Boy did a great job!!

And girl was so funny...she drew this during quiet time

We watched a really fun nesting doll video on youtube

um, never knew when Science popped up...from a neglected sweet potato behind the cupboard

We learnt about Tundra


We did more lessons. Will compile all the lessons in the last blog of the year.

We did multiplication and division. Took MANY weeks of review

Preschool with ECC

V for Vase!

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