Sunday, October 26, 2014

MFW CtG/K Week 10: U-Us, Joseph

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

Ten Commandments:

I am the LORD your shall have no other gods before me.
You shall not make for yourself an idol.
You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain
Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Honor your father and your mother


  • Discussed and memorized the 5th commandment, read some bible verses about it
  • We learnt about Joseph's story, in fact we read it in one day because the children could not get enough of it!
  • We also talked about what it was like in the Pharoah's court, the clothing, their food etc.

This video was a good wrap

4th grader's story

2nd Grader's story


  • Water and Air: Water Cycle

Look!! Precipitation! The kids were really excited to see this. (I kept thinking I need not do this experiment since they have seen boiling water and condensation all the time! I was wrong. They were surprised)

Water and Air: Solute and solvents
Epsom salt after water (from last week) was evaporated


  • We continued to work on nouns and verbs for Big Sis and we started on topic sentences and paragrahing for Big Bro.
  • We stopped Writing Strands because it was getting a lot of work for me, but I think Rod and Staff is also doing the writing work, which is good.
  • Spelling Power for Big Bro
  • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis
  • We also learnt the Greek word "syn" and did our English from the Roots Up notebook page. We also revised the past words. 
  • We lost the Treasures of the Snow book!!!! (from our vacation last week) BOO HOO HOO !!!! I don't know if I should keep searching or get a new one...=( But we sometimes read from this book and it's real fun.

I drowned in Enid Blyton (old English author) when I was a girl. I loved to introduce the books to my kids now.

Foreign Language

We were on Lesson 3 on 康軒一上.


Mural drawing

Drawing the eye. Got the girl real interested she has been drawing self portraits. =)

Have you wondered?
  • Why should we honor our parents? After reading several bible verses, we learnt that honoring your parents is not to make them happy or not make them mad, it is pleasing to God!
Kindergarten: U-u Us

We did a lot of fun things for U-u Us and will do more next week!

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