Monday, May 4, 2015

MFW CtG/K Week 31: X-x Fox, Daniel

4th/2nd Grade Creation to the Greeks

We came home from our two week's vacation to the other side of the earth. We entered into a week-long recuperation and the re-tuning of our circadian clocks. In laymen's terms, we fought jet lag.

Though the first few days were dreadful, we fought it rather bravely. God was so gracious to us in giving us a better weather (compared to when we left) and mommy brought everyone out almost everyday. It is fun to go to a playground that was "OURS" since we were the only inhabitants there. =)

  • We read about Nebuchadnezzar's pride, the writing on the wall, the lions' den and the fall of the Babylonians to the Persians
  • We also learnt how God used Cyrus as an instrument for the Jews to return to Israel even though he did not know God.
  • We read some Aesop's Fables along with the K week of "fox"

We found the fun lapbook pages here.


We read the Archimedes and the Door of Science (borrowed from the library) and looked up a little on the Archimedean Screw


  • Rod and Staff 
  • Spelling Power for Big Bro (Big Bro finished Level H and is going to Level I next)
  • Spelling by Sight and Structure for Big Sis
  • The older kids started new series of reading

Foreign Language

We started 康軒一下 Lesson 2 very gently and slowly since we were fighting the jetlag


Skipped the art this week for a gentle reintroduction to school

Have you ever wondered?

Kindergarten:X-x Fox

Fun stamps!

Fox Origami

Gingerbread man (bear...)

And we watched the Richard Scarry's Gingerbread Man

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