Thursday, September 3, 2015

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 4: Herod, Battle of Actium, Siege of Jerusalem


We finished memorizing the NT books this week. The kids had to work quite a bit but I was very proud of them completing the memorization in Mandarin.

Lil Sis memorized Prov 3:5-6. It was funny because she memorized it from "Hide 'em in your heart" CD (Steve Green) It made me think that I have to let her memorize in the version she is used to.


We learnt about Herod, his background and how he worked hard to curry favor with those in power. It is a very interesting history background for me! We learnt about Octavia's wedding to Antony (and subsequent divorce) and also Octavian's marriage to Livia. The children could not believe marriages were so messed up during Roman times.

We also talked about the battle in Actium and deaths of Antony and Cleopatra. The kids got wide-eyed often when we read Augustus Caesar's World. "Is it a fictional story?" they would ask, unable to believe such "drama" really happened. =)

We started on the Bronze Bow. It began tough for our kids. Long chapters and many "questions", but as we got to the third chapter, Big Bro is thoroughly enjoying it (so am I). Big Sis still needs some help explaining though. I think it's a fascinating book with a nice fiction with a true historical background.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English.

Lil Sis started on long vowels

I can never stop marveling at how a child learns to read. Now that she is going on to long vowels, there will be many more words she can read! Lil Sis is my first child to read slowly (the first two picked up really quickly) and so it is very fulfilling for me to see her learn.

Lil Sis learnt more bopomofo and the older ones started Lesson 4 康軒一下 for Mandarin Chinese.

We learnt the Latin numbers up to eight (octo) this week.

From last week, we started Spelling Power for the older two. On Monday we did a review for all the words they got wrong the week before.

Lil Sis did more practice on Number Bonds this week.

We learnt about the senses this week.

I like the Body Book a lot. We got into a discussion of how thoughtful God was to give us a "covering" on our faces, or we would have looked HIDEOUS!!! =)

We also talked about the nose and how we smell things. The kids could not stand the vanilla sniffing test.


We drew some people in perspective this week.

Mommy got sick this week for one day. We are grateful that this does not happen a lot in our family. We are also grateful for a father who takes care of us by making sure mommy gets the rest, buying food back for dinner etc. I took medicine on that day and school went on; but without the support of my husband, it would have been really tough. I am so thankful for him!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your book logs. They are so helpful.

    1. Hey Meg!! How have you been? =) We should talk sometime. Email me on the side bar contact and I'll write you with my email!!

  2. I love, love, love your updates!!! Your posts help me so much! Please keep up the great work and bless your family! I've been following you for about 3 years now! Thanks again!

    1. thank you!! Your comment encouraged me.