Monday, August 8, 2016

Exploration to 1850 WEEK 1: Leif, Columbus

First Day Pictures are always so fun!!

A rush to the Dollar Store got us some easy decoration. Low cost, High joys. =)

I made some changes to the schedule so that the first week was slow and gentle. It had always worked so well for us to ease into the full engine throttle year. We have not started Chinese, Art, English and Spelling (besides the 2nd Grader).

2nd Grade Calendar

100 Chart

I did this REALLY simple page for calendar this year.

And we use these dry erase crayons for pages like those. I love them.


The older two did "Boy, Have I Got Problems!" Bible Study on their own.

Lil Sis did not do the bible study. Instead, she did copywork. She did an amazing job this year!!


We learnt about the explorers, Leif Ericcson, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot...

The older two did notebook pages.

We sang "This is my Father's World", learnt about life science and also classification (taxonomy)
Big Sis playing "This is my Father's World" for us

This year the older two decided they are going to go write "interesting" things they learnt in school in a journal. I think that's a fantastic idea!

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