Thursday, August 25, 2016

Exploration to 1850 WEEK 4: Mayflower Pilgrims


This week we did Bible memory James 1:1-11.
It was great to revise nearly every lunch and after dinner. That is our family bible time.

This is the hymn we enjoyed these two weeks.


We learnt about the Mayflower, pilgrims, and Miles Standish.

The older kids did notebook pages on the pilgrims and we talked about the Mayflower compact.

Some books we read (they have good realistic photos):

We continued on this book.
We finished "Squanto".

This book is interesting (I forgot which week it was for). It helped the students (and teacher) learn about the kings and queens of England. It was a real mess and I had to research a while to understand which "Mary" was that "Mary", etc.


We continued with Spelling and Big Bro had his first English test for Rod and Staff.

We continued with Mandarin Chinese.


We did Lesson 11 on ferns. Our area is quite sunny and it was not easy to spot the ferns. I am hoping that maybe we will get to see some when we go hiking in September.

But we found this time lapse video really interesting.

And while we are on time lapse videos, the kids really love this one.

Also, we started our school for a couple days with this eye exercise videos, since two out of my four kids are wearing glasses now.

I intend to find some braingym exercises for them too.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

This week we continued on Giotto and his fresco drawing.

The project for the week was really fun.
First we applied some thin spackling onto a piece of cupboard (we used cereal boxes).

Let dry.

Then we painted on it like a fresco. This was mommy's.

Big Bro and his ninjago.

Big Sis

Lil Sis and Frozen.

Books we read for leisure

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