Saturday, November 5, 2016

Preschool Fall Unit

I LOVE THIS UNIT!!!!!!! Because this is my FAVORITE season.

We went on a road trip on Columbus Day and God presented to us this AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL gift!!



Books we read

I don't use a lot of color printing. This is how I do my own "coloring". =)

Fall Memory Game. She LOVES memory game.
Playdoh fun!! I love these mats.

Used these again, and made a scarecrow. =)
Mixing orange.

Marble painting!! SOOOO fun!

More painting!

acorns picking and counting

Toilet roll pumpkins

This is a REALLY fun project!!!!

Foil painting.

Fall leaves

She decided this was more fun than dot a dot.

We did a name jumble for her.

3D pumpkins so fun!!

Pumpkin pie spice playdough. So delicious and so fun.

Printing fall leaves.

Painting fall leaves

Handprint leaf.


Pine cone

painting acorn

This was a book I made for Lil Sis. She can play with it now. Velcro and laminates. Wow. I had time! =)


This was a fun one. Arrange by size Lil Sis.

More counting.

We made a fall leaf using perler beads.

Dot a dot painting

Shapes Scarecrow

ANOTHER pumpkin. =)


Tangerine pumpkins

Spaghetti squash (great for this season)

Great for the adults' Trim Healthy Mama approved spaghetti! =)

Love all these amazing fall foods from Trader Joe's!

Candy Apple "tasting" it was fun. Idea from here

Pumpkin dump cake. Daddy and Mommy could have it too since it's THM recipe. The kids had it with ice cream.
Apple Cider. Of course.

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