Monday, December 19, 2016

MFW Exploration to 1850 WEEK 16,17: Monkeys, Aquatic mammals, marsupials, After the 7 year war

In the midst of Thanksgiving, a few weeks of illness shared among most members of the family, and some other issues, these two weeks were a bit messy.


We did lots of revision on James. I could not quite remember if we did any new verses.

We learnt about what happened after the seven year war and situation in Europe (like Prussia, Spain, and Austria.

We got to know some of the characters who will be important people in the American Revolution.

We finished Madeleine Takes Command.

And we made scones with tea. =)

We continued with Spelling power and Rod and Staff.

These two weeks we learnt about monkeys, aquatic mammals, and marsupials

These are a few pages the kids did.

Big Bro's pages on dolphins and lemurs

Complete book of Science.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

We did a warm color drawing.

We took a break from Theme Preschool and did some alphabet practice for these crazy weeks.

Books we read for leisure

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