Monday, December 19, 2016

Preschool Thanksgiving

November is Thanksgiving Month!

Books we read

Door of Thanksgiving (Chinese) A real fun book!!

Dress a pilgrim

Worksheets for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie with cream. Yum!

Doily Turkey

Baster race. So fun!
Native American Hat
And of course, you know what happens when little kids found feathers, right?

I LOVE this!!! Baby Sis too.


Baby Sis made a weaving mat and a handprint turket.

Pilgrim girl hat

More tracing and writing

Sometimes we work on the Big Book

Turkey puppet

And of course, we used the feather to make a "quill"

More pilgrim hats...

We made the dancing corn experiment. SOOOOO fun!!!

I Love this idea too

Counting corn

Making the kernels into pop corn

Count again!



And we had our thanksgiving feast at Grannies' of course.

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