Thursday, September 5, 2013

MFW 1st Grade/Preschool Wks 3-4

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Bible: Memorize Pr 23:12, 21:23, Missionary Kids and Navajo
Math: Counting
Science: Flowers and Trees, forest diorama
Language: Lessons 3 (), short vowel e,i,o,u, long vowels a, e, i, o
Arts: Paper Doll USA, Motion Pic Flip book, flower art, Flag craft
I am a seed
From seed to plants
A tree is growing
A rose in my garden

Icky Bug Counting
Just Enough Carrots

Extra: Learnt about USA


Prayed for missionary kids we know of and the Navajo
Used the Fighter Verse App to reinforce memorizing Prov 23:12


We didn't do the animal book yet, because Big Sis has done the book for two years prior. She made her own design and we did some counting of the blocks and some comparing.

Reading aloud is important, and many times I neglect that. Hope to buck up on that.


We learnt about flowers and trees.
So we made some.

and drew some.

Learnt about trees and made a minibook


Chinese: Exercise to review their phonetic sounds

And we learnt the new sounds 

Some revision worksheet
short vowel e, i, o,u,
Big Sis usually does the students sheets in her quiet time as "self work". She likes to write than cut and paste.

And long vowels a, e, i, o


Did the Native American paper doll for ECC
Little Sis did her usual calendar. But this week, she also enjoyed more crafts that ties in with alphabet or with ECC

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